Thursday, December 18, 2008

The MacBoo got dyed!

Oh neglected blog, I have been so busy raising the 4 kiddies that are growing up so quickly that I never get the opportunity to post.
I have been dying up some nappies, and other things amoungst raising 4 kids, being a wife and working a bit.
These are bamboo Mandy Macs (or Mac Boos) that are modern cloth nappies. they are great as they are one size that fits most kids, and they also dont have lots of differnt parts to sort through in the wash. They also have elastic around the legs that old style cloth nappies dont. Super easy to wash, just rince off the solids in the loo, then throw them into the bucket. when a full bucket throw them into the wash for a pre-rince and a wash. Its more effort to buy nappies from the supermarket!!
Oh and in amoungst there is 3 hemp macs that someone has coming to them as a suprise!