Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a blog with no camera/ photos and city parking.

This is why I have not been blogging, we still have no camera. And kids are very hard to take photos of with a phone camera.
So sorry for my absence. My sewign machine and I have been taking a little break and my knitting needles are up and running, which is rewarding, but not quite as quickly, especially with my knitting.
So I have been yarn shopping, went into Clegs in the city and didn't buy any fabric, also went to Lincraft without spending a cent!

Actually have a story to tell about city driving. I could not find a parking spot for longer than 30min. So I ran into Clegs and ran out again. Of course you cant just put more money in as they now check that, and you are also not allowed to just move the car forward, you have to move to a different section.
So moved after Clegs and went into Lincraft.
Moved again and went into the new Morris and Sons!
Didn't quite finish my shopping so moved again and then realised I was back in the same parking as I was during Lincraft, so moved again (yes you are reading right)
Went back into Morris and Sons, ummed, arred, touched, drooled, stood in the cue and changed my mind again.
Finally made up my mind and got some Noro, when I looked at my watch my parking was up, I bolted up the hill towards my car.
Looked ahead of me and there was a parking inspector!
Looked again there were 2 parking inspectors!!
Looked at my car....
the parking inspector was talking to a lady, giving directions.
I jumped into my car and drove off as fast as I could!

PHEW did I get away with that by the skin of my teeth!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Have you seen Willow & Moos creations?

Make It Perfect jacket

After seeing the giveaway (and not winning it) I went out and bought the pattern. I was not disapointed.. My only [roblem was.. what fabric to use! I wanted to use something inspiring yet also didnt have any money to splerge with.

Anway, after a few painful weeks of deliberating I bought some Sandi Henderson Boquet flowers in green, and planned on doing a denim outer. But I could not find the denim that I wanted. It was always too blue, too thick, not thick enough etc...

So I decided to go back to square 1! Peta made one out of cord and minky and it looked so snug and warm. So after consulting my adviser (aka Pobie my sister) decided to use plain cord and white minky

Please fogive me for the photo, but we are still cameraless.

So I stayed up till 2am last night sewing this little beauty up.It took me in total about 6hours which sounds like a lot, but its not when considering its a fully lined and has another layer to it. so there are 3 jackets to cut out and construct. Also in my 'brilliance' I used bamboo wadding instead of pellon- as my ornigonal idea was to make it totally out of natural fibres.

I have decided a few things... probably wont use bamboo wadding next time, as well as taking more time with the minky. It was very thick to sew through all the layers, and the instructions say to top stitch down the hood, but sewing through 4 layers of bamboo+ 4 layers of cord + 4 layers of minky I was not even going to try and attempt it!

Also it advises to use a 30mm button, my machines button holes dont go that large :(

Also anyone who is thinking of making this, the hood is sewn on first and then the jacket lining. I think that is one part that makes it easier. Also it suggests to sew around the whole jacket then turn the right way through the sleeves, well when you use bamboo wadding it doesn't fit!

Anyway, I am very happy with my attempt and am very glad with my choice of fabrics, its super warm and the minky gives it the snuggle effect!

I survived the crafty mamas May 2009 retreat!

Sorry I haven't managed to get back in here and tell you about Sewjorn. It now feels like an eternity ago as life gets so busy with 4 little children and a husband to take care of (he does take good care of me as well). I managed to make a handbag out of Andalucia which I am very happy with- pattern is Melly and Me Sherbet pattern.

This is my niece Indigo, who also joined us in the crafty fun! she is Pobies daughter. (my sister)

Each bed had its own quilt as well.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sewjorn, the story

Well Friday my sister and I left for Sewjorn in beautiful Lansfield. Its such a georgeous town. We styed within walking distance of the town, and it had everything we needed, food, op shop, quilt shop and book shop.

We met up with other Crafty Mamas who came armed with sewing machines, knitting machines, knitting and hand dyed felt to cut up into crowns.
Top Row-(left of photo) Tracy from here and here, Tas Peta ,Sara
Bottom row (left) me, Tracey, Lisa from Crafty Mamas, and my little sister Suzanne

For some reason the blogger is not being kind to me atm, so will be back tomorrow to try and finish this :)