Monday, March 28, 2011


and he just lost his 6th today (in the school carpark!)

the tooth fairy is going broke!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


beautiful girls

I took these photos the other day, and apart from the new hair ties, I dont really have a theme or anything to write.  But they are  pics of my georgeous girls colouring in pictures.

buttons from Tessa Ann Designs

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

crochet beanie

look at me

arnt I fab!

I used this pattern that is really easy.  Next tiem I will use the magic look method to begin as the method that I used made it butte ugly!  I actually didnt follow the pattern, as I kept loosing count.  So I just short of made it up till I had the req amount of stitches.  Also its in `16ply and with 6mm hook, so it came together in about 2 hours (and this is my first project!)

very happy with myself.

Now to do a flower of something so that the princesses will wear it.

eta no i didnt make Ellises top, but I am thinking of copying it, its pained and embroidery,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

how far to go for a birthday party?

in about 4 weeks our darling little firstborn daughter is turning 5!

The time has flown!

Her birthday also coincides with easter and ANZAC day.  So apart from her 1st birthday she hasnt really had a birthday party before.

So this is her/ our opportunity!

So we want to have a good birthday party for her.

But how is that done?

Our other kids birthday parties we have tended just to have a heap of kids over, buy some sausages and let them run around.  I dont really think that cuts it this time.

We are planning on hiring either a mobile farm or a pony ride for the kids.  But what about food?  Do I just do the average cup cakes and fairy bread, or should I buy the fancy ones?  What is fancy?   I think anything beyond just sausages and bread is fancy, but I want something that they are going to remember.

What do you think?