Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monkey Mail

Aren't these just the cutest. They are from the Super Sock Monkey Shop and I think we need some more. I had to get 4 of the same so that the kids didn't argue over colours. I got them with different coloured eyes so that they can tell who's is who's.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dyed again

Here are some more of my efforts to tie dye. I am hoping that these will sell on a friends web site. I hope that he photography is better than mine. Yet again its not easy getting a good photo at 11.30 at night!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Hubby and Kids :

Happy Birthday Lilac and Olivia!

Been busy today, well maybe not as busy as I have been some other days. DH has been home for the past few days, which has been bliss! The house is clean and the kids are occupied {compliments of DH!}. We have all been a bit sick over the past few days, so its nice to have the extra pair of hands around.

I have made 2 no sew tutus for 2 friends little girls who's birthdays are in June. One little girl is turning 1 and the other is turning 3.

Mitchell just loved the skirts, asking for a superman dancing skirt LOL!

And here is the action shot:

I'm sure that he wont like these pics when he turns 16!

So Happy Birthday Olivia and Lilac, i hope you enjoy your pressie!

For those who want to know how I made them...

Basically I bought some tulle from Spotlight, and cut it into strips, about 15cm wide. I cut down the fabric so that each length was 112cm long. For the longer tutu I cut the tulle in half again, for the shorter one I cut the tulle into 3. I then cut about 40cm of elastic (just normal thin elastic) and tied a knot in it. Then tied the tulle around the elastic. For the 2 tutus I used 4mt of tulle, they are not even, meaning one took more tulle than the other.

I erally hope they like it, my kids sure do. I now have to go to Spotlight again and buy some more to make each of my kids more!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

fed up update

Ok, we have been going additive free now for about 1 week, and things with low food chemicals. I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and go totally food chemical free though just for the elimination time as some results I am seeing are not totally as I would have expected. The few things that I have noticed are just subtle. Like Mitchell putting on his shoes without being nagged. Or today he walked into kinder without 'freaking out'. That may have been because DH took him and not me though- as on Tuesday we had speech therapy and he still did his 'freaking out' routine, as well as Sunday totally overacting to certain circumstances. Only time will tell what his triggers are though. Some people have suggested that I also cut gluten out of his diet, but I am struggling enough just with needing to eliminate the nasty numbers, and slowly getting my head around eliminating the food chemicals, then to go gluten and maybe dairy free is a bit overwhelming for me.

Only time will tell, and in the end I think the result will be worth the effort.

Monday, June 2, 2008

what happens when you dye...

well this is what happened to me:

But this is what I made. They are brand new Bonds singlets, the girls are size 3 and the boys are size 4.

enjoy :)

Please see my other blog if you want really really really like them. They are dyed with professional dyes, thus my fingers took weeks to go back to a normal colour *lol*