Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 2011

the month that was February 2011.

Well its not quite over, so really as this has really flown I dont want to wish it away.

But in the absence of blogging every few days thought that I would give insight to my February.

Starting school- one in prep, one in grade 1



I had a hair cut and turned another number


my baby girl started kinder (not my bubba- my third child is nicknamed baby girl)

I made a pair of Dortje pants and a Rendondo


and learnt to crochet

we went to a birthday part and played pass the parcel

and climbed up play equipment

and danced in georgous fabric

lastly, Melbourne and Victoria was flooded
birdsland car park

Friday, February 18, 2011

beautiful fabric!

So what do you do with your favourite fabric?


take pictures of it?


wrap yourself in it and stroke it?


throw it in the air and dance in it?


or wear it as a hat?

fabric campan knit from Crafty Mamas and Banberry Place

Friday, February 11, 2011

crochet and a hair cut

So I tried to crochet- and I think I am addicted!

now if only this would turn into a beanie....

I also had my hair cut, but am too chicken to put the photo up of it, I might get my DH to take one with the good camera, that has a better chance of getting a good photo!

edited, I got one now!:

when i went to pick up my girls from FDC, Lily looked at me puzzled, then pointed out "new earings?", no honey, new haircut.  Ellise looked, kept playing, then looked up again, smiled and said "where is my mummy?"
I am really happy with the do, and i have had non stop compliments since too!

DH bought me the top for my birthday, not bad taste i recon!

Friday, February 4, 2011

My February challenge!

And this might just turn into a year long challenge!

I want to learn to crochet.

I have tried and tried to crochet in the past, always getting frustrated and throwing in the towel.  I have been reassured on many occasions that it is easy! So why cant I do it!  I love the look of crochet beanies! 

So I am armed with a large download limit on my computer (for You tube), my sewing machines are going in for a service on Monday, so they cant distract me, and I will let You Tube teach me to crochet!

anyone else wanna try?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Pattern from Crafty Mamas in the Sewing Clothes Kids Love book, also a Farbenmix pattern, fabrics from spotlight, worn by the very proud birthday girl!

Happy 3rd Birthday Lily, Hope you had a wonderful day twirling in your dress!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

so who won the Ottobre?

Well only a couple of people entered, so there is a very high probability that you might have won.

The rules were that you have to enter 2 of my 12 in 12 challenges.  So will brb to find out who it was!

well its too much effort to learn how to add that thing to here, so you will have to trust me that this is random.

Bianca come on down!  you are the proud owner of an Ottobre of your choice.  Congratulations!  And make sure that you post what you make from it!  Would love to see!

thank you to everyone who has entered.  I might post a few challenges here and there.  Just not do it officially with the sign ups.  Just stay in tune with my blog and I will post it up when I feel the need.  I need a few challenges myself!  ie go without my sewing machine for a week! quilting!   hand stitching!  knitting!  crochet! (yikes!)