Tuesday, February 1, 2011

so who won the Ottobre?

Well only a couple of people entered, so there is a very high probability that you might have won.

The rules were that you have to enter 2 of my 12 in 12 challenges.  So will brb to find out who it was!

well its too much effort to learn how to add that random.org thing to here, so you will have to trust me that this is random.

Bianca come on down!  you are the proud owner of an Ottobre of your choice.  Congratulations!  And make sure that you post what you make from it!  Would love to see!

thank you to everyone who has entered.  I might post a few challenges here and there.  Just not do it officially with the sign ups.  Just stay in tune with my blog and I will post it up when I feel the need.  I need a few challenges myself!  ie go without my sewing machine for a week! quilting!   hand stitching!  knitting!  crochet! (yikes!)


quilary said...

Well done Bianca - enjoy the magazine. Thanks for the challenges Carolyn - I did make quite a few things, more than I probably would have done without the 12 in 12 prompts.