Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So what did you self draft?

Well I was hoping to draft a pair of trackies, as I have don't this once before and it worked out really well.  Especially for the boys who have no hips but have long legs.  My boys can still fit into size 3 pants, except for the length and some rise, but I never actually got that far.

What I did manage was to draft a poncho.  I was inspired by the poncho that Natalie from ModerKip makes.  I cant suggest that it turned out quite as good as hers though.  My mistakes were not lack of pattern though, rather lack of detail when drafting the pattern. As the front is lower than the back, I wasn't sure exactly where to take the measurements from when deciding the length.  Then of course the front and the back were different lengths (which I altered with a pair of scissors :D).  I also made it out of baby wale, lined in minky and inner out of flannel. This is not the best starting point when you have just drafted the pattern and have not tested it. Minky is hard to sew with anyway, and then making it even thicker with the baby wale and flannel makes the denim sewing needle look like a delicate needle.

Never the less I have completed it, and its far from perfect!  It is wearable though.  I still have not attached a button as I am having a button crisis. 
If anyone has any good ideas for a button please let me know.  I also want to change the buttons on the Farbenmix Olivia overdress as well which is made from the same fabric.  And its also the same buttons.  I have already cut the holes though...  ETA i think I will use the ribbon, the ribbon is around the hood.
Ribbon is from Farbenmix from Crafty Mamas.

Anyway, sign up below to show off your self drafted projects.

Ottobre 4/2008 Raglan hooded top

Well this top was a long time coming.  I cut it out to complete at the CM retreat back a month ago.  And I realised while I was there that I hadn't cut the neck binding out.  Now that I have finished the project I know why!

Does anyone have any good tips on how to sew together a layer of top, 2 layers of binding and a lined hood?
Next time I think I will be just adding the hood or the binding, not both.

But apart from that the results are excellent. 

My twin stretch needle and I are yet to become good friends, but we are working on it.  I cant seem to get the tension right!

boys will be boys :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You know what- I love him, and I wanna spoil him!

I wanna do a general ramble about how much I love my hubby!

Yes he does drive me nuts, he is completely different to me, and far from perfect.  And of course he is married to me who is absolutely perfect without any blemish (NOT!)

Anyway, just thought id do a little promo of how much I appreciate the man in my life.

He works full time, pulls his weight around where he works.  When he gets home his first thought is to ask how he can help me, bath the kids, help with dinner.  After this he will often do the dishes, hang out washing, whatever it takes.  He gives me time to be crafty, he takes care of the kids so that I can go away on crafty weekends. When I work the house is spotless when I return.

And most of all he puts up with me, he makes me laugh and cares about me, never questioning my motive or my heart. He understands me, loves me.

His birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks, and I have no idea what to get for him.  We don't have a lot of money- I would have loved to get him a V8 car ride/ drive, but we are both into the value for money thing (it was $300 for 8 laps).

So what do you get for your husband/ partner for his birthday?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Giveaway results

So who won the brand spanking new Ottobre -that I promised to draw at 6pm- and its now 10.42pm! sorry, been a VERY busy day. 

This involved leaving at 8.30 for school run, then kinder run 1) then kinder run 2) (where I have to stay) then off for a 45min round trip to pick up niece and nephew, get home about 1.30.  Put niece to bed, then rip her out of her sleep at 2.50 for school run, pick up boys from school/ kinder, then go for our first gymnastics lesson with 6 little kids in tow... not finished yet...  go to my sisters house (who is 30 today- Happy Birthday Pobie) have dinner, then about 8pm remember that Spotlight has 20% off so shoot there, then go Kmart to find butterfly wings (sold out) and thick tights, and got home at 10.30pm! Im tired now...

So giveaway came up as (I don't know how to take a screen picture sorry)

Comment no:4

who is... Hand Made Happiness!

CONGRATULATIONS! good for you- now you need to tell us all which one you want :D

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

8 Questions

A little meme I found on my travels- starting here at Kates blog.  I think my main challenge here is going to be finding photos of thy self, and then also going through the photos without crying- such wonderful memories, and look at my kids- they are growing up so fast!

this is one of the first digital pics I have of me, 39w preg with my first son

about a week later

1.Favourite Meal:  I'm not too sure to be honest.  I love good home cooking more than restaurant. But I do enjoy the feeling of being full with good quality food.  I prefer savory over sweet, but love smooth chocolate!  Really don't like fruit in main meals either.  I think its more about the company when you eat.

2.Do you have a quirky eccentricity?  People generally do find me kind of strange anyway.  My brain works a little differently to others, not sure why.  I can come across quite full on (well I did have 4 kids in 4.5 years- full on is my life!)- and I am VERY aware of this!  This means that sometimes I will say things and people will have no idea of the connection, and yet to me it makes sense.  My brain works quite fast, maybe this is the reason.
me petrified on the Eueka sky deck

3.My middle name: classic 1970's name, 

Ellises 1st Birthday 2007

4.I am passionate about - a few things.  *only fight the fights worth fighting- life is way too short *People being told the truth behind what they are eating any why (food colours additives etc). *people taking charge of their own health - I find it frustrating with the education out today that people conduct some really risky health behaviours and then complain when they become unwell!  *people being educated.  often the popular choice is not the right choice, and if we are educated we can often see why.  Things are not always the way they seem, and we should endeavour to find out why these choices are made. (eg I want to put in an example but it will take an entire post for me to explain what I mean) *reducing landfill with the use of reusable products such as cloth nappies and feminine products. *taking responsibility for your own actions *sex / family planning for teenagers (esp boys!) *family,   *passionate about people understanding how the family has changed over time (not always for the better!) and how it has contributed to the way society is today *and finally (but by no means least) my Faith and God!
told you there were a few :)
with my 1w old bubba Tyler 2005

5.Thongs or Birkenstock? neither, Crocs.

6.Who was I before I had kids?  Someone alot less educated about those things I mentioned above.  I was also an Oncology nurse who was working on getting a career.  Then at 24 I completed my post graduate and I was given the opportunity to either pursue the career further or have kids, so I chose the kid option.
Another thing is that I had good teeth prior to kids!
I was also had my life mapped out, and controlled.  Kids really threw this for a 6!
I also have a degree in Heath Promotion that I have never used (*sigh*) this is why I can be so passionate about some things.  Would love to one day use it, but realistically after 10y... not sure if I ever will.

this is Lily in the middle of having "mummies milk".  She is 2.5yo.

7.Have I ever been arrested?  no.  I was brought up VERY black and white, and very straight!  And this has followed through to my adulthood.  Although now I have my own choice to see the grey areas.
Middle 2005

8.This weekend I will sorry to break the trend as its only Tuesday... But my weekends are rather like groundhog day.  I usually work on the weekends.  I really enjoy spending time with my husband on weekends, and watching him interact with the kids.  I also enjoy heading to Church.  Spend a little more time and effort on cooking the Saturday dinner, maybe head to the shops, visit my parents.
One thing Kate mentioned was that people would love to know how she met the love of her life.
10y wedding anniversary

In my case my husband was a friend of my sisters, he actually did have his eye on my sister for a little while and then gave up the chase not long before I met him. 
Before I had any interest in dating him, I went to visit his church with my sister.  He was walking in about 50mt behind us, and his friend whispered to him "whoever turns around is the one you should date" and coincidentally I turned around.  A few other things also happened like this.  At the time he was 19, I was 18.  We were married 3 years later.

Monday, June 7, 2010

After some thought I have decided to celebrate my 100+ followers

Although the word followers sounds like a cult- so what should we call it?

people taking interest in what I write...

To each of you, thank you for taking interest in my little blog where I blab and brag and whinge and twaddle.  I have to admit the 100 mark to me was a bit of a milestone! 

Anyway a little pressie to say thank you...

I have decided to give away and Ottobre mag.

When entering you must
a) be a follower/ stalker/ subscriber (as it is celebrating you after all!) and
b) you must want an Ottobre.
c) you must chose and Ottobre that is still available.  All issues from year 2000, 1+2+3 2001, 1/2002 and 3/2008 are sold out. 
d) if you chose a popular version you might get the instructions on a separate piece of paper and the mag may be in Finnish.
e) I must be able to contact you somehow.  If I cant then I will have to redraw the prize.
f) comments must be made on the blog (not FB) please.
g) And you must suggest what you would like to be called, even if I haven't mentioned it.

this giveaway will be announced at 6pm on the 17th of June (my time)

I think that Ottobre posts world wide too.

The reason I chose to give away and Ottobre is that I felt it would not discriminate.  Even if you don't sew they are pretty to look at (although the point is that you do sew from them)

I really like the ones that I have, and its hard to really chose one that I really like.  I know I like the 1/2009 and have made a few things from that issue.  But I have so many other Ottos that I cant seem to part with... so its really up to you (the winner). 

For those who don't win, you can head over to Crafty Mamas to get your own Ottobre. They also have Farbenmix too and some yummy fabrics.  Also over at Crafty Mamas is a forum, so that you can ask questions about your Ottobre projects.

mmm, maybe I should order myself a ladies one at the same time...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Did I tell you all that I got an...

Embroidery Machine!

I have actually wanted one for ages, but of course its a want not a need...

Its  a Janome 300e.  I bought it from a friend, so I know its history etc... So far I have discovered that I really have no idea what I am doing!  Its like learning to sew all over again.  I think the harder part is figuring out the program, resizing, changing colours and merging designs.
I actually committed to buying this machine just prior to finding out about Mitchell's teeth, not sure if that's a good thing or not.  Another good friend reminded me that we will always find money for Mitchell's teeth, but would never find money for an emb machine.  That advice really helped ease my guilt.

Anyway, more importantly, its not the emb machine that matters, its the packaging!

And also what other purpose the threads hold.

Ahoy there!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

JUNE CHALLENGE Something self designed or drafted

Oh this is not one that I have been looking forward to!  But that's the idea of a challenge isn't it?

So I am planning on whipping out the ENID mags and having a go at drafting a pattern.

I have in the past designed my own tracky pants for a friends son who was 3 and could not find trackies that fit him, I used this website.  The end result was rather satisfying.  The mum could make 5 pairs of trackies knowing they would fit!

Anyhoo sign up below!