Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So what did you self draft?

Well I was hoping to draft a pair of trackies, as I have don't this once before and it worked out really well.  Especially for the boys who have no hips but have long legs.  My boys can still fit into size 3 pants, except for the length and some rise, but I never actually got that far.

What I did manage was to draft a poncho.  I was inspired by the poncho that Natalie from ModerKip makes.  I cant suggest that it turned out quite as good as hers though.  My mistakes were not lack of pattern though, rather lack of detail when drafting the pattern. As the front is lower than the back, I wasn't sure exactly where to take the measurements from when deciding the length.  Then of course the front and the back were different lengths (which I altered with a pair of scissors :D).  I also made it out of baby wale, lined in minky and inner out of flannel. This is not the best starting point when you have just drafted the pattern and have not tested it. Minky is hard to sew with anyway, and then making it even thicker with the baby wale and flannel makes the denim sewing needle look like a delicate needle.

Never the less I have completed it, and its far from perfect!  It is wearable though.  I still have not attached a button as I am having a button crisis. 
If anyone has any good ideas for a button please let me know.  I also want to change the buttons on the Farbenmix Olivia overdress as well which is made from the same fabric.  And its also the same buttons.  I have already cut the holes though...  ETA i think I will use the ribbon, the ribbon is around the hood.
Ribbon is from Farbenmix from Crafty Mamas.

Anyway, sign up below to show off your self drafted projects.


Sally said...

I think your poncho is wonderful. Love the colour and the style. Well done!!!

willow and moo said...

Poncho is very cute!

I have to giggle because my t-shirt drafting experience was totally coincidental, but hey I drafted something this month, so I should link it! LOL

Marie said...

Ack, I have drafted up some patterns, but never got around to sewing them up. Too busy sewing up other stuff (costumes, skirts, jacket and pants)

Larissa said...

Wow - your stuff is awesome!! I had fun with this one, although it was a challenge!! thank you, looking forward to the next one.