Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You know what- I love him, and I wanna spoil him!

I wanna do a general ramble about how much I love my hubby!

Yes he does drive me nuts, he is completely different to me, and far from perfect.  And of course he is married to me who is absolutely perfect without any blemish (NOT!)

Anyway, just thought id do a little promo of how much I appreciate the man in my life.

He works full time, pulls his weight around where he works.  When he gets home his first thought is to ask how he can help me, bath the kids, help with dinner.  After this he will often do the dishes, hang out washing, whatever it takes.  He gives me time to be crafty, he takes care of the kids so that I can go away on crafty weekends. When I work the house is spotless when I return.

And most of all he puts up with me, he makes me laugh and cares about me, never questioning my motive or my heart. He understands me, loves me.

His birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks, and I have no idea what to get for him.  We don't have a lot of money- I would have loved to get him a V8 car ride/ drive, but we are both into the value for money thing (it was $300 for 8 laps).

So what do you get for your husband/ partner for his birthday?


Miss Amy said...

I got the hotlaps for my ex for his birthday once. Well it was the subaru one, and it was all day learning to be a racecar driver. was well worth the money

Karen said...

My DH dropped hints that he wanted a ladder! His birthday is next week, so this morning the girls and I went to Bunnings, bought a ladder and some elastic straps, strapped it to the roof and drove home!
I'm about to go and get it off the roof and put it away.
Bunnings vouchers always go down well here, r tickets for a show (then you get to go too!).