Monday, May 31, 2010

My Crafty Mamas Retreat showoff!

Last year, I was so excited about spending time with like minded crafty mamas, I didn't get a big amount achieved.  So this year I set about making sure that I did less yapping and more sewing.

Well I know for sure that I didn't do less yapping...

But I did come to the retreat with most things cut out to sew up.. and then also stayed up way too late to ensure that I got things done.

So first of all I sewed up a back pack from Blueprints Embroidery by me, fabric from al la Spotlight (drill and curtain canvas)

This was destined for a very cute little 1yo named Maya.
Then there was the purse that I gave to my sister.  Details a couple of posts back.

Then there was the 2 Farbenmix Olivia (from Crafty Mamas) overdresses that I have had sitting here for way too long!  They are not the best, but hey they are finished and they work!

Lily's is coupled with a Willow and Moo Rainbow Rendondo, and the Cabbage Patch that has been decorated by herself.

Then there was also the Buttercup bag that I finished for myself, but it was used as evidence for the sewing machine repair man that my sewing machine was not working properly.  And also the 2 tops I was to make for the boys- well I forgot the neck binding...

I learnt a tonne of different things, of course can remember none till I use the information again.  I do however remember that I had the most awesome weekend of laughing, giggling, sewing and learning.  A little lack of sleep was well worth the trouble!  We stayed in a place called Sonnystones (of course I have no photos, who would have thought of that ;))  It was the perfect place for such a retreat.  The staff supplied all our meals in the room next to where we set up our machines.  So all we did was eat sleep and sew (and a few trips to the bathroom and shower)  We didn't need to cook or clean up!  And the staff were most friendly as well!

So I have come home now, my sewing machine went straight to the repair man, as did my over locker.  Now its just me and my embroidery machine.

oh and don't forget my husband and kids, they need a few nights of extra cuddles... I miss them!

so show us ya zippers!

So this months challenge is up.  I'm a little late with showing the end products.  But never the less its not yet June!

My zip is in the previous post.

What did I learn... its not that scary.  Sometimes it does need a little interfacing, but really, not scared!

so sign up below to show off your finished zips!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I made something with a ZIP!

I shall blog about the craft mamas retreat after I take some photos of my accomplishments, not to mention gain a little sleep!

If not then the post might look something along the lines of:...


Anyway, I managed to make the Krazy Fashion Everything wallet out of my fav Amy Butler LOVE fabric.  I actually made it for my little sister...

There are a few things I will do differently when I make this wallet again, none relating to the zip! (only that I want to add another one at the back) 

The inside seams do need to be trimmed as much as possible otherwise the wallet wont fold over.

I will try and make it either a) without the interfacing on the large back piece, or b) use thinner interfacing.

Also hem the check book pocket more so that it can fold more easily. 

And lastly, use a walking foot to top stitch.

But my sister seems quite impressed, and I have competed this months challenge (although its not technically enclosed, I did cut a hole and insert it in there... do I pass?)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

2nd Annual Crafty Mamas Retreat

I get to go on another retreat... yup that's right.  For the second time this month my husband (who has earned loads of brownie points!) is letting me loose to attend another crafty weekend away.

I have cut out 3/4 of my projects, although I think I have been a tad ambitious in thinking that I will get this much done!  I have cut out 2 long sleeved tops for my boys (one each) a bag, a backpack, and want to cut out an Olivia each for the girls.  I am hoping that the knit items will sew up in a jiffy leaving me time to sew the other items.

But lastly I hope to sew up this months challenge.  I hope to complete an EVERYTHING WALLET by Krazy Fashion .

see you on the flip side

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pile of patterns

I have a heap of patterns here- more than some - less than others.  I am wanting to streamline them a little, but am finding it ever so painful!  Especially the Ottobre.  Each pattern has a good use to it.  They are not useless patterns that I will never make due to the complicated nature.  They are pants- 2 versions, baggy or slim leg.  Skirts, layered, with pockets or without.  Jumpers, raglan, hooded... you get the picture.
I have already culled quite a few that I cannot see myself making, so I am not a hoarder that's for sure.

The way that things are going I think that these patterns might be staying put a little longer unless someone can enlighten me on how to cull them a little.

Oh and on the giveaway front- I haven't forgotten, just a few other things have taken priority in the  monetary department... thinking Ottobre...

Sunday, May 23, 2010


So 102 followers... WOW!!  Thank you to eveyone who has chosen to take the time out and listen to my bits and pieces.

So with over 100 followers now I would love to do a giveaway... only now gotta chose what to giveaway...

Stay tuned for details...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

how to spend $4000 in one day!

on teeth....

take one 6yo who has strange shaped teeth, meaning that regardless of diet and tooth care, in between the teeth were always going to be difficult to care for.

next gab an awesome dentist, who also charges appropriately.

mix in an anaesthetist who you trust, but who doesn't have a deal with your health fund.

And of course the best health fund available for dental treatment, but nothing is covered 100%

take out 4 teeth, add in 4 fillings, 2 crowns, 5 sealants, 2 spacers will have to wait till the next appointment, plus of course the pre- check ups, x-rays all which take you past the health fund limit.

sorry if those pics are a little hard for some to stomach, I find these things hard to judge, as I am a nurse and have seen much worse!

I have a very brave little boy! He virtually sailed through the whole thing! Very proud about his "silver teeff and no teeff"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Want to blog about Sew It Together BUT...

Im not well...  Not sure exactly what is wrong, feels like a mild bout of gastro that is hanging aroung.  Anyway I dont have the energy to blog at the moment sorry.

I was feeling queezy and vauge on the day, I just thought it was becuase I was tired.  Sorry to those who got a little puzzled with me introducing myself 3 times ;)

I can type easily though that I had a lot of FUN!

thank you everyone who made it possibly, and I will try and blog about it later in the week.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Make a pini for an orphanage.

Gypsy of The Craft Gypsy went to her local Spotlight where they were displaying a heap of reversible pinnis. On further discussion with the staff she found out that they were to be sent to

Dago Dala Hera Orphanage in Kenya

For more info please scoot over to Gypsys blog where you can see the details.

I am hoping to sew a pinni or 2 this weekend at Sew It Together. I am really looking forward to this day out, and feeling inspired to making something for such a worthy cause!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moederkip Goodies

You can see some Moederkip goodies at their online store and the Crafty Mamas congocart... they are simply outstanding, and the quality is wonderful as well.  Natalie's sewing is so neat and even! 

The reason I have these dresses is that I won the Crafty Mamas group blog giveaway a few months back (thank you!).  The reason it has taken a few months to get is that I had trouble choosing a colour. 

And as I have 2 girls, I had to get 2 sets, and then again- knowing my 2 girls they will want the same ones!  So yes not much imagination with choosing the colours, but what else can you do when you have 2 girls who the only colour they know is PINK.  Lily refused to wear the leggings as they are purple!  The other cutie is my niece.

And because they are play clothes- that is what you are meant to do- PLAY - or in Lily's language- CLIMB!

Thank you so much Moederkip!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

I love my little brood of kiddies, and I must say that they have given to me more than they will ever know. 

Mothers day to me is a celebration of all mothers.  Mothers that give birth, mothers that take care of kiddies that someone else gave birth to, step mothers,  mothers that take on surrogate daughters when older, spiritual mothers and mothers that have passed away.

Happy Mothers Day

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Zipper Tutorials

The writer of the blog Hand Made Help has put together a few tutorials involving zippers, thought Id put the link up here for all to see

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Can you believe its time for the May Sign Up!

I cant believe its time to sign up for the May challenge!

I havnt yet taken a pic of my April challenge!  So slack of me!

Anyway, this month is inserting a zip!

I might just keep it easy for me and make a little lined makeup case (thank you squidoo).

This is not a time consuming challenge, but for some this will be difficult, as zippers are often something that puts us off a pattern.  By starting on a small project I hope it will help some of us overcome our fear!

sing sign up now