Wednesday, May 19, 2010

how to spend $4000 in one day!

on teeth....

take one 6yo who has strange shaped teeth, meaning that regardless of diet and tooth care, in between the teeth were always going to be difficult to care for.

next gab an awesome dentist, who also charges appropriately.

mix in an anaesthetist who you trust, but who doesn't have a deal with your health fund.

And of course the best health fund available for dental treatment, but nothing is covered 100%

take out 4 teeth, add in 4 fillings, 2 crowns, 5 sealants, 2 spacers will have to wait till the next appointment, plus of course the pre- check ups, x-rays all which take you past the health fund limit.

sorry if those pics are a little hard for some to stomach, I find these things hard to judge, as I am a nurse and have seen much worse!

I have a very brave little boy! He virtually sailed through the whole thing! Very proud about his "silver teeff and no teeff"


Tracy said...

Ouchie wow-wow. To both the bill and the poor little mouth.

Tanya said...

ouch is exactly what I was thinking too- for the pocket and the little fella!

Miss Amy said...

brave little man. hope you coped ok mummy :) and imagine how much it would cost to fix later and take solace in how much it cost today.

Tonia said...

What a sweet and brave little boy! He is so cute!

Julie said...

Brave little boy ouchie about the bill