Sunday, September 15, 2013

my golly gosh :p

Its been rather a long time since I have last posted.

I would actually put it in the "embarrassing" category!

Many reasons for taking so long, thankfully nothing bad.

In simple terms- this is a crafty blog, and my crafty mojo has been overtaken.

It still has the potential to roar, but they tend to turn into UFO's

My husband has a joke with me- that this is my "latest" thing.

I started to jog around the lake, I did Tough Mudder.

I then reached my 'goal' weight! Looked fab!

I ran the mothers day classic- ran 8k without stopping- some may argue that it was more of a fast walk but I am super proud of the fact that I didn't stop!

The next confession may have to be that if I continue to update this blog that it may become somewhat fitness and healthy eating focused rather than my craft.

I do struggle with this idea as I started this blog to show off my craft, not to boast about my fitness (although i do have a long way to go!)

I do have many people ask about it...

maybe I should change the focus...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

we did it!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mid- Life.... change...

things have been happening in this house to suggest that I am going through a mid-life change.  I dont want to call it a crisis as I dont feel that I am in crisis, rather my life is changing.

As I said in previous posts I am trying to get my weight under control  I have joined karate.

Have been trying to get fit.  walk/ jogging around a local park that is just beautiful!

Have also considered getting myself inked... dont hold me to that till its done though. And dont tell my parents!  I did get my tongue pierced at Easter time- have wanted this for 10+ years.. finally did it and talked fynnyy for about a week!  Not to mention now I have a stock of soup in the freezer!

love tattoo
source- as this is not my feet!

Knitting and not sewing as much
BabyDoll dress by Rachel Evans Rav here 

But where did this come from?  Am I having a mid-life crisis.  I thought these things only happened once I reached 40- which is quite a few years off yet.

My kids are now either in school or kinder, freeing up a few days.  And this year I am not dropping kids off at 3 different locations.  I think this is why Id rather call it a change.  I havnt bought a 2 door car and a toy boy- am still feeling rather secure in the relationship I have with my husband- although a 2 door car for the 2 of us might be nice.
1 attempt of about 10 to have the 4 of them stay still at the same time! 

I think its just starting to hit home that I am getting older.  I am not old- but am feeling the pressure to grow up- yet also resisting this pressure.

I am a responsible adult, but who says that I have to grow up?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It did actually get finished!

Still no sewing here to blog about.

Only a bit of knitting and the maddness that is this house.

So I finised a grape My Honey by Elena Nodel


 my little poser!


 I wasn't totally convinced about the sleeves, but now that I have finished them I love it! They did take ages to knit. Not because its hard, more fiddly!


 The yarn is Superwash by Little Plum Yarn (on Facebook) their yarn is devine! Its so soft and makes more like a fabric than a wooly knitted granny piece.

 enjoy! Ravelry here 


Friday, March 16, 2012

Life of a busy crafty mum/ lazy blogger

Well I have officially lost my sewjo!  This also coincides with me picking up the knitting needles and attempting more than 1 project at a time!

Tikki Raibow dress for a baby girl
BWM Rondo
Ravelry here 
Paprika by Elena Nodel
yarn Mosaic Moon Worsted
Ravelry here
mmm Little Plum yarn! what will this become? 

Along with this crafting is my quest to become the perfect wife and mother with the perfect crafty life balance- with a little bit of work thrown in there so I can afford the perfect school and support my habit.

So I took up Karate...

learning to put on the belt - there is actually a method! 

Still trying to lose some weight too- I think since I have turned 30 (a few years ago) my metabolism has changed and this doesn't happen quite as easily as it used to.  But my health has changed thankfully!

karate has given me a chance to connect with 2 of my kids though- they are both further in grading then me- so tonight my 8yo is teaching me the Kata!  Feeling very unco at the moment


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

School holiday

They are actually over!

Can you believe it?!

I am being such a lazy blogger- or worst still- been so busy I haven't had a chance to sit and tell you all what I have been up to.

My husband went to PNG on a missions trip. Building a school for 2 weeks.  So 2 weeks of building in the rain and heat, no air con.  But the stories are fantastic!  The working ethic of the men from PNG is to be envied!  Really brought to light how they helped our Aussie grandfathers who walked the Kokoda track.

401026_10150709315769465_821729464_12337395_1266526466_n (1)
PNG style spa bath? Hubby is the one with the bunny ears fingers.

There was also berry picking.  Came home with 4kg of fresh strawberries and 2kg black berries. Kids had a ball- its like a treasure hunt. Not to mention that it was perfectly clear weather, and thus working up a descent sweat!


First days of school have now happened.  Me as the mum learning to get out o bed and make lunches- slightly relieved that my husband has made the lunches the the past few days- bless his cotton socks!

I am trying to get fit (and healthy).  I do night shift- which does not lend itself to health!  So if I can change other parts of my life it should really counteract some of the lack of heath that shift work lends itself to.

Anyway- hope to be getting more crafty now that routine has returned.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First baby?

Do you remember the first time you bought them home?

The first toys you picked out?

The first things they destroyed?

This is our first baby.

He is a Samoyed.

He is now 11yo.

He is gentle, soft, fun, frustrating and he doe the woo woo woo- as many spitz breeds do.  He bolts the minute that he gets the opportunity, but loves to be around us.  If he gets too bothered, he just goes and finds a quiet spot all on his own. 

We bought him home when he was a wee puppy, he now stands at 32" at the shoulder- weighs around the 32kg mark.  He is all fluff!

His favourite food when he was a puppy was socks and stockings.  I was forever fishing socks out of his mouth- something I had never thought id do as a fur parent!

The first time I had visited a dog show I was washing my hands after patting the fluffy friends, then a month later was fishing things out of my puppies own mouth!

He will never be replaced or forgotten, although he has been demoted by 4 other human babies... but that is what happens unfortunately.

Hes off for a groom later this month, so will post some pics after that.