Sunday, September 15, 2013

my golly gosh :p

Its been rather a long time since I have last posted.

I would actually put it in the "embarrassing" category!

Many reasons for taking so long, thankfully nothing bad.

In simple terms- this is a crafty blog, and my crafty mojo has been overtaken.

It still has the potential to roar, but they tend to turn into UFO's

My husband has a joke with me- that this is my "latest" thing.

I started to jog around the lake, I did Tough Mudder.

I then reached my 'goal' weight! Looked fab!

I ran the mothers day classic- ran 8k without stopping- some may argue that it was more of a fast walk but I am super proud of the fact that I didn't stop!

The next confession may have to be that if I continue to update this blog that it may become somewhat fitness and healthy eating focused rather than my craft.

I do struggle with this idea as I started this blog to show off my craft, not to boast about my fitness (although i do have a long way to go!)

I do have many people ask about it...

maybe I should change the focus...


Larissa said...

Well done on doing Tough Mudder - I've started running too, did Run Amuck in Sept and the Pink Triathlon in Nov and now have the bug :) Maybe you should start a blog on your new journey - I'd read it :) Maybe we'll even meet up at one of these runs! Best of luck x

Carolyn said...

thank you Larissa- I am aiming for the 30/50 run down on the Melbourne Mornington peninsula in November 2014... best get training!