Tuesday, May 24, 2011

To Go To Lily dress

This little dress is georgeous, and so easy to make! The pattern is by THE TRAIN TO CRAZY.  Its a free pattern, but you do need to have a top that fits your subject on hand otherwise would might get stuck.  There is no guide on how gathered to make the neck, or how gathered to make the cap sleeve.  Saying that you cant really mess it up either, unless you make the neck too tight.


Fabric is by Michael Miller and some spandex knit I had hanging around here.


And of course every 3yo knows how to play games on the ipod/pad/phone!

I must say, she loved the dress.  She didn't take it off all day.  T hats a good sign! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

I wear makeup mumm!

lily and texta

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sewing marathon item 1- Jalie 2910

I have been on a bit of a sewing marathon. Sewing manly simple things, but things that I have wanted to do none the less. Also in order to make a dent into my fabric stash!

This is jalie 2910, cross over top. Although I am impressed with this pattern (the sizing is from kids to adults) I am not overly impressed with the way that it fits me. I dont think it is meant for awquard figure that is me. (meaning shallow shoulders, small back and big diameter)

I might try and adjust it so that the neck line is wider on my shoulders, and fit it so that the v sits lower on my chest. The shoulder seam is not meant to sit on my shoulders. I got a fright when the back arm hole was so much bigger than the front... but this is why!

Luckily I didnt try it on my favourite fabric. Only thing is that the green looks a little like the scrubs they wear in thetre at a hospital. Never mind. Its comfy and the front doubles over so it warm too.

Just as a follow up, the more I look at this picture and think about it the more I think that I will not make this pattern again.  I wish to sell it and move on if anyone wants to try it for themselves.  Its an easy pattern and as long as you are not a G cup then you would probably fit it fine.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

On this beautiful sunny Melbourne day we:

Today on this beautiful sunny day we were blessed with some new toys:

Something special is under this tarp:

An industrial sewing machine!  I have no idea how to use an inductrial sewing machie, and I have to get the techy man to come and get it set up first, so it wont be getting a work out for a couple of weeks- but oh so excited.
Also a cutting table, its bigger tan a ping pong table.  And of course it makes a great dancing table!

A few vintage machines that just need a little scrub.  And they still work too!


the pre teen boy not wanting a smooch

and a photo for gran'ma
The boys getting up to boy things


and girls washed their daddys car as well as their bike with.... baby wipes.




thank you to the generous family who gifted me with these things.

Monday, May 2, 2011

and all they are talking about is what she was wearing...

Well the night after the Royal Wedding, the biggest party of my daughters childhood happened.  And to me what she wore was of almost as much importance as what the Royal bride wore.

Pitty I didnt get it finished on time properly... guess I am not fit to be a Royal designer! Yes the buttons are falling off!


anyway.  Ottobre 1/2008 vest,  Juju embroidery on the back in sparkly fabruc


Rara skirt by Young Image Spring/ Summer. I actually changed the pattern quite a lot to make it easier (or more logical anyway). Made the waistband and bodice of skirt (whats it called?) out of knit instead of woven. It worked out better imo.  Basically its just the top of the skirt, with a waist band.  Then the body is a-line, and you do 3 ruffles and attach it to the a-line skirt evenly.


I would have liked to make a tee to match but ran out of time.