Saturday, May 21, 2011

On this beautiful sunny Melbourne day we:

Today on this beautiful sunny day we were blessed with some new toys:

Something special is under this tarp:

An industrial sewing machine!  I have no idea how to use an inductrial sewing machie, and I have to get the techy man to come and get it set up first, so it wont be getting a work out for a couple of weeks- but oh so excited.
Also a cutting table, its bigger tan a ping pong table.  And of course it makes a great dancing table!

A few vintage machines that just need a little scrub.  And they still work too!


the pre teen boy not wanting a smooch

and a photo for gran'ma
The boys getting up to boy things


and girls washed their daddys car as well as their bike with.... baby wipes.




thank you to the generous family who gifted me with these things.


Unknown said...

Wow what a great score! Lovely pics of the kids too.

Morgansacre said...

Wow you got a good deal. I love the old singer machines. My aunt had a peddle one I remember trying it out when I was about 8. I love the pics of the kids, being I bet you went through quite a few baby

Tas said...

So is there room in the house or are you now sewing in the shed on that glorious table?

Unknown said...

Wow, lucky you! Bet you can't wait to try them out.

My youngest also has a cleaning obsession with baby wipes, I'm always having to hide them from her!