Saturday, April 30, 2011

im 5!

Today we had a fifth birthday party for Ellise.

We had party food, all pink green and silver. And becuase I was the host, i didnt get any photos! Not to mention that I had it at 10am, so there was no downtime prior!

Balloons, cupcakes, pink and green lollies, crowns as well as a pony!


we got to groom the pony:



and ride the pony- even in a skirt



cuddled the pony

and shared the pony with 20 of her closest friends, including her sister

and of course there was a birthday cake


and the rule is, you have to eat all of your own name:


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ellises Farbenmix Amelie

Ellises amelie

Ellise Amelie back

sisters (with their puppies- snuffy and doggy)

This is the version I made for Ellise.  Fabric spandex french terry, and jersey.  Embroidery by huups.  The main thing I learnt from this, as the neck is just turned, you need to take extra care not to stretch it.  I used a walking foot second time around.

Lilys Farbenmix Amelie

Ellise with Snuffy, Lily with Doggy

Ellise and Lily together with Snuffy and Doggy

detail of Lilys embroidery and milo stain that got there 5min after putting it on.

Detail of the embroidery by Huups

Lilys Amelie back

Back of the dress

Lilys Amelie
Fabric is Spandex french terry, and campan

This is such an easy design to trace then sew up!  I did 2 in one night!  And its so effective.  Whether you have an embroidery machine or not, you can jazz it up and tone it down!

The princess approves too! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the Eddie cap on a spunky little man!

the Eddie Cap tutorial can be found here. Its quite easy. I have to admit, doing the pleats was not that easy, well it wasnt hard, maybe fiddly is more of an accurate term. And the way I did the band is a little different to how the instructions said.

The buttons are from Tessa Ann. Arnt they georgeous! Perfect for a budding rock star!

The little man is a wonderful friends son who has just turned 5. Happy Birthday!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

EB kids clothing swap.





Emma made this for our buby girl! I am just so impressed!

I found out later than the ruffles are meant to be at the front, I think i was following what I did on the feliz.  

Look at the detail!  So very impressed! And a perfect fit on her too! 

Thank you!