Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lilys Farbenmix Amelie

Ellise with Snuffy, Lily with Doggy

Ellise and Lily together with Snuffy and Doggy

detail of Lilys embroidery and milo stain that got there 5min after putting it on.

Detail of the embroidery by Huups

Lilys Amelie back

Back of the dress

Lilys Amelie
Fabric is Spandex french terry, and campan

This is such an easy design to trace then sew up!  I did 2 in one night!  And its so effective.  Whether you have an embroidery machine or not, you can jazz it up and tone it down!

The princess approves too! 


Little Munchkins said...

The tops look great and your girls are very cute too.

I am now thinking of getting this pattern.

Unknown said...

Your girls are gorgeous! Love the tops too. I looked at that pattern once before and wasn't really inspired, but now I'm thinking about it.

Unknown said...

Fantastic job, lucky gals!