Wednesday, April 28, 2010

so did you line something?

How did you go lining something.  would love to see it or hear about it, so please enter your finished project URL (or flickr) below.

Monday, April 26, 2010


I wonder how anyone who has boys and sews survives without this pattern..  Its so easy and quick to sew up.

Made with plain back Stella and camo knit from Crafty Mamas shop

i finally sewed an OLIVIA

actually I sewed 2, the 2nd one has a purple hood and sleaves, bit little Miss 2yo going on 16 doesnt think its cool.

Its such an EASY pattern!  I used my overlocker, but could have used my machine.  I stabilised the shoulders with tape, sewed them together.  Added the hood.  Did the sleaves (this is the first time I have done a false under top, so I made it up.) sewed the side seam and the sleave all in one hit.  Then hemmed it (I will do a tute on how I hemmed it as I am rather proud that it worked!)

I think we are going to need some leggings too.  The fabric was from SL.

Also made the matching knickers, but I dont think this single knit is really suitable.  Well it is for the body of the knickers but not the waist band.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Ellise

Such a beautiful precious little girl!

Growing up before our eyes!

Happy Birthday Ellise

and that fringe seems to be getting shorter before our eyes too!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

special occasion or any occasion?

In the past, I have often used treasured fabrics, and botique patterns when I make my kids clothing.  It has been difficult for me to let them wear them on any occasion.

A friend Tracy of the Mad Quilter fame, often lets her kids wear their home made clothes on any occasion as it shows that they love them.

I feel like I should do similarly.  I have some clothes here that they have grown out of and have hardly been worn.  And I dont feel I can just give them to anyone as they are a) made to fit my kids b) others wont appreciate the effort gone into the project.
ETA- the longies- Tracy made those for us, and somehow they survived!

Do I just put up with the stains and know that they are wearing them because they love them?

Or do I keep them for good, so that everyone can see my kids in clean nice crisp clothing occasionally?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Percentage widget thingy

I had someone contact me asking me about the widget down the side.  Unfortunatly my computer died a few weeks ago and so did the emails that were sent.

So I thought I would pop it up here for everyone to use and see.

I am being a little cheeky as I cant remember where I sourced this from.  I think I may have copied it out of a post on a forum.

To add this go to your layout page, add a widget, then add html.

where it says 0,200 you change the 0 to what percentage that you want.  You can also change the colours if you know html codes.


Fooey! I cant figure out how to post HTML codes on my blog- your going to have to contact me again and Ill email you the code.  If you leave a comment make sure that I can reply to your email.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

HotCross Buns

Easter- a significant date in our diary!  Every day we thank God for the sacrifice that He made for us.  Easter is the dates that represent this sacrifice.  Friday we thankful that Jesus died on the cross for us, on the Sunday we thank Jesus that He rose from the grave to live again!

In todays society much of this has faded.  Today we tend to eat chocolate eggs (eggs represent new life)- and eat hot cross buns (representing the cross that Christ died on) - often taking advantage of the long weekend and going away with family.  Although my kids do know what we consider the real meaning of Easter, they still want easter eggs and hot cross buns.

So this morning I bought some for breakfast.  Tyler wanted butter on his, and helped himself to the butter.

Sorry Tyler- but that is a tad too much butter!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April challenge- something lined

And no this is not an April Fools joke!  Really we want to learn how to line something.

So who is up for the challenge?

I am lining some Made By Rae toddler backpacks for the girls.  Wish me luck!

sign up NOW!

show off your softies

As some of you may know, it has been quite a busy month here in our home.  We are still without a car and the house has not yet been repaired from the hail storm.  I am very grateful that I have a handy husband who got up onto the roof and replaced the tiles that were causing the roof to leak.  I also have a wonderful friend who fixed our computer and loaded Windows 7 as well.

Anyway- even though I failed this months challenge (yes I can fail my own challenge LOL!) We would love to see your softie!