Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Percentage widget thingy

I had someone contact me asking me about the widget down the side.  Unfortunatly my computer died a few weeks ago and so did the emails that were sent.

So I thought I would pop it up here for everyone to use and see.

I am being a little cheeky as I cant remember where I sourced this from.  I think I may have copied it out of a post on a forum.

To add this go to your layout page, add a widget, then add html.

where it says 0,200 you change the 0 to what percentage that you want.  You can also change the colours if you know html codes.


Fooey! I cant figure out how to post HTML codes on my blog- your going to have to contact me again and Ill email you the code.  If you leave a comment make sure that I can reply to your email.


Miss Amy said...

yes please!

Susan said...

yes please too!

Carolyn said...

brissmith, i need to be able to email you.

Toria said...

Maybe you can post the html code but change it slightly, eg if it has the < sign in it, then use [ instead, & then explain the modification underneath.

I used to have that on my blog, I think someone posted it on nappycino originally. Somewhere like that.

BusyBsewBiz said...

Did you get it from here? This is where I got mine:

Anonymous said...

Could you please email me at jacob_teal(at)live(dot)co(dot)uk ?