Sunday, March 29, 2009

Valorie Wells skirt

I have had the Make It Perfect wrap skirt cut out of Valorie Wells fabric, Olive Rose collection, have had it cut out for about 1 month. The day that I got the fabric in the mail, I raced down to the local Spotlight to get thread to match, with every intention of making it then and there. Well it took me about 1 month but we got there (the swap was in the middle)

Ill upload photos later as well as the link to the fabric- if I find one, as I think its last seasons fabric so it may be difficult to find some online.

Friday, March 20, 2009

EB kids clothing swap

Well after sewing like mad for the past few weeks, its finally opening day. Ill add who I sewed for later on as at the moment they have not opened their packages. (The only reason I have managed is because Ellise is still asleep and Dh took Mitchell to school for a treat!)

Anyway, Tyler opened his parcel

The pants are from an Ottobre pattern, and there is so much work in this top and bottoms set!! He loves it, and wouldn't take it off!

I will say thank you to my sewer when I finally figure out who it is!

For Ellise, well it wasn't meant for Ellise, but my sewer had an accident, so she was kind enough to pass on what was being made for her. The lady who sewed these has had very sick kiddies, so she did very well to finish this and have it posted by the due date. The colours are ace. Love the fabric! Ellise is still asleep so I am yet to try it on her, but because its a dress I am sure she will love it!

ok- edited becasue now my swappers have opened their parcels so I can share what I sewed.

For Natalies daughter, the instructions were pink and frilly. I find it difficult to do pink and frilly. I wanted to do something that could be used during summer or winter, and yet be practicle. So I sewed a cross back top and a pair of pants with frills at the bottom (to tick the frills box) for the accessory I made some yoyos, I have never made them before so it wasnt the best part, but I was very happy with all the other efforts!

For DaniLs little boy I sewed a pair of shorts and amatching top, and then I ran out of fabric, so I ordered more only to find out that there was 2 brands that were similar but not the same, and I had ordered the wrong one :( Then I was not totally convinced that what I had made was suitable, so I started again on the Sunday night. Was up till 1am monday and 1am Tuesday to have it posted by Wednesday. I was happy with the results:
The boat is a pocket :) Hope you enjoy your pressies girls!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A few weeks between posts- so sorry

Well a few things have happened over the past few weeks. First of all my oldest son started school, yes Im now a prepie mum. He is loving it, and he is quite a popular little kid. Not only is he at least a head smaller than the other boys in his class, but he also has every person in the school saying "see ya Mitch" at the end of the day. He is MR popularity! He already wont let me give him a kiss goodbye, and today he would'nt let me walk him to pick up his brother from kinder (on the same campus) after school. I had to walk a good 20mt behind him! Now its MR independance!

Things are also alot quieter around the house during the day. And although I do miss him, its great to know he is loving it!

Then I turned 31! I am now officially over 30!
Am I meant to be a 'grown up' yet?