Monday, May 2, 2011

and all they are talking about is what she was wearing...

Well the night after the Royal Wedding, the biggest party of my daughters childhood happened.  And to me what she wore was of almost as much importance as what the Royal bride wore.

Pitty I didnt get it finished on time properly... guess I am not fit to be a Royal designer! Yes the buttons are falling off!


anyway.  Ottobre 1/2008 vest,  Juju embroidery on the back in sparkly fabruc


Rara skirt by Young Image Spring/ Summer. I actually changed the pattern quite a lot to make it easier (or more logical anyway). Made the waistband and bodice of skirt (whats it called?) out of knit instead of woven. It worked out better imo.  Basically its just the top of the skirt, with a waist band.  Then the body is a-line, and you do 3 ruffles and attach it to the a-line skirt evenly.


I would have liked to make a tee to match but ran out of time. 


Tas said...

Between your sewing and the horse, I think she is pretty chuffed with her day.

Unknown said...

The skirt and the vest are both very cute. As is your daughter. I'm thinking she may have wanted to keep the pony too.

Karen said...

Very sweet outfit Carolyn - the embroidery looks great.
She's such a cute kid.

Danielle said...

lovely outfit! Looks like a party of every little girls dream. How do you get the embroidery so neat and beautiful?