Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sewing marathon item 1- Jalie 2910

I have been on a bit of a sewing marathon. Sewing manly simple things, but things that I have wanted to do none the less. Also in order to make a dent into my fabric stash!

This is jalie 2910, cross over top. Although I am impressed with this pattern (the sizing is from kids to adults) I am not overly impressed with the way that it fits me. I dont think it is meant for awquard figure that is me. (meaning shallow shoulders, small back and big diameter)

I might try and adjust it so that the neck line is wider on my shoulders, and fit it so that the v sits lower on my chest. The shoulder seam is not meant to sit on my shoulders. I got a fright when the back arm hole was so much bigger than the front... but this is why!

Luckily I didnt try it on my favourite fabric. Only thing is that the green looks a little like the scrubs they wear in thetre at a hospital. Never mind. Its comfy and the front doubles over so it warm too.

Just as a follow up, the more I look at this picture and think about it the more I think that I will not make this pattern again.  I wish to sell it and move on if anyone wants to try it for themselves.  Its an easy pattern and as long as you are not a G cup then you would probably fit it fine.

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Miss Amy said...

I reckon if you wear that top with your jeans and a high waisted belt itd be pretty hot. Well done C it looks good :)

LeahR said...

If I could be so bold-- I do not think it is the pattern cut that does not work. I think it could be very flattering actually. I think the cross over needs to not go past your waist line. I think the line that the crossover makes your eye follow is the issue. And the neckline needs to be a little lower. I think the other Jalie crossover top would work better. The shoulder drop on this one throws it off. For myself, I took that part off when I made this pattern. -- Try again. Don't give up on the pattern yet. :) Seriously.

becanne said...

Mmmm - curse of the big boobs strikes again, I feel the pain!

However, your hair looks great! I love that style.

Nice to put a face to the name :)