Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mid- Life.... change...

things have been happening in this house to suggest that I am going through a mid-life change.  I dont want to call it a crisis as I dont feel that I am in crisis, rather my life is changing.

As I said in previous posts I am trying to get my weight under control  I have joined karate.

Have been trying to get fit.  walk/ jogging around a local park that is just beautiful!

Have also considered getting myself inked... dont hold me to that till its done though. And dont tell my parents!  I did get my tongue pierced at Easter time- have wanted this for 10+ years.. finally did it and talked fynnyy for about a week!  Not to mention now I have a stock of soup in the freezer!

love tattoo
source- as this is not my feet!

Knitting and not sewing as much
BabyDoll dress by Rachel Evans Rav here 

But where did this come from?  Am I having a mid-life crisis.  I thought these things only happened once I reached 40- which is quite a few years off yet.

My kids are now either in school or kinder, freeing up a few days.  And this year I am not dropping kids off at 3 different locations.  I think this is why Id rather call it a change.  I havnt bought a 2 door car and a toy boy- am still feeling rather secure in the relationship I have with my husband- although a 2 door car for the 2 of us might be nice.
1 attempt of about 10 to have the 4 of them stay still at the same time! 

I think its just starting to hit home that I am getting older.  I am not old- but am feeling the pressure to grow up- yet also resisting this pressure.

I am a responsible adult, but who says that I have to grow up?