Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First baby?

Do you remember the first time you bought them home?

The first toys you picked out?

The first things they destroyed?

This is our first baby.

He is a Samoyed.

He is now 11yo.

He is gentle, soft, fun, frustrating and he doe the woo woo woo- as many spitz breeds do.  He bolts the minute that he gets the opportunity, but loves to be around us.  If he gets too bothered, he just goes and finds a quiet spot all on his own. 

We bought him home when he was a wee puppy, he now stands at 32" at the shoulder- weighs around the 32kg mark.  He is all fluff!

His favourite food when he was a puppy was socks and stockings.  I was forever fishing socks out of his mouth- something I had never thought id do as a fur parent!

The first time I had visited a dog show I was washing my hands after patting the fluffy friends, then a month later was fishing things out of my puppies own mouth!

He will never be replaced or forgotten, although he has been demoted by 4 other human babies... but that is what happens unfortunately.

Hes off for a groom later this month, so will post some pics after that.


Unknown said...

He's beautiful, Carolyn. It's lovely for the kids to grow up with a pet.