Wednesday, February 1, 2012

School holiday

They are actually over!

Can you believe it?!

I am being such a lazy blogger- or worst still- been so busy I haven't had a chance to sit and tell you all what I have been up to.

My husband went to PNG on a missions trip. Building a school for 2 weeks.  So 2 weeks of building in the rain and heat, no air con.  But the stories are fantastic!  The working ethic of the men from PNG is to be envied!  Really brought to light how they helped our Aussie grandfathers who walked the Kokoda track.

401026_10150709315769465_821729464_12337395_1266526466_n (1)
PNG style spa bath? Hubby is the one with the bunny ears fingers.

There was also berry picking.  Came home with 4kg of fresh strawberries and 2kg black berries. Kids had a ball- its like a treasure hunt. Not to mention that it was perfectly clear weather, and thus working up a descent sweat!


First days of school have now happened.  Me as the mum learning to get out o bed and make lunches- slightly relieved that my husband has made the lunches the the past few days- bless his cotton socks!

I am trying to get fit (and healthy).  I do night shift- which does not lend itself to health!  So if I can change other parts of my life it should really counteract some of the lack of heath that shift work lends itself to.

Anyway- hope to be getting more crafty now that routine has returned.