Friday, March 16, 2012

Life of a busy crafty mum/ lazy blogger

Well I have officially lost my sewjo!  This also coincides with me picking up the knitting needles and attempting more than 1 project at a time!

Tikki Raibow dress for a baby girl
BWM Rondo
Ravelry here 
Paprika by Elena Nodel
yarn Mosaic Moon Worsted
Ravelry here
mmm Little Plum yarn! what will this become? 

Along with this crafting is my quest to become the perfect wife and mother with the perfect crafty life balance- with a little bit of work thrown in there so I can afford the perfect school and support my habit.

So I took up Karate...

learning to put on the belt - there is actually a method! 

Still trying to lose some weight too- I think since I have turned 30 (a few years ago) my metabolism has changed and this doesn't happen quite as easily as it used to.  But my health has changed thankfully!

karate has given me a chance to connect with 2 of my kids though- they are both further in grading then me- so tonight my 8yo is teaching me the Kata!  Feeling very unco at the moment



Tracy said...

Congratulations on the Karate and on improving your health! Gorgeous knits. Perfection is overrated lol