Monday, May 31, 2010

My Crafty Mamas Retreat showoff!

Last year, I was so excited about spending time with like minded crafty mamas, I didn't get a big amount achieved.  So this year I set about making sure that I did less yapping and more sewing.

Well I know for sure that I didn't do less yapping...

But I did come to the retreat with most things cut out to sew up.. and then also stayed up way too late to ensure that I got things done.

So first of all I sewed up a back pack from Blueprints Embroidery by me, fabric from al la Spotlight (drill and curtain canvas)

This was destined for a very cute little 1yo named Maya.
Then there was the purse that I gave to my sister.  Details a couple of posts back.

Then there was the 2 Farbenmix Olivia (from Crafty Mamas) overdresses that I have had sitting here for way too long!  They are not the best, but hey they are finished and they work!

Lily's is coupled with a Willow and Moo Rainbow Rendondo, and the Cabbage Patch that has been decorated by herself.

Then there was also the Buttercup bag that I finished for myself, but it was used as evidence for the sewing machine repair man that my sewing machine was not working properly.  And also the 2 tops I was to make for the boys- well I forgot the neck binding...

I learnt a tonne of different things, of course can remember none till I use the information again.  I do however remember that I had the most awesome weekend of laughing, giggling, sewing and learning.  A little lack of sleep was well worth the trouble!  We stayed in a place called Sonnystones (of course I have no photos, who would have thought of that ;))  It was the perfect place for such a retreat.  The staff supplied all our meals in the room next to where we set up our machines.  So all we did was eat sleep and sew (and a few trips to the bathroom and shower)  We didn't need to cook or clean up!  And the staff were most friendly as well!

So I have come home now, my sewing machine went straight to the repair man, as did my over locker.  Now its just me and my embroidery machine.

oh and don't forget my husband and kids, they need a few nights of extra cuddles... I miss them!


Tanya said...

that sounds very productive and fun!

Natalie said...

Wow, you got so much done! I had a chuckle at the backpack - I bought the exact same fabric from SL to make a backpack for Cheriese - good to know it looks fantastic made up ;)

quilary said...

You're a great advertisement for a sewing retreat - you got so many things made. Well done!