Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Want to blog about Sew It Together BUT...

Im not well...  Not sure exactly what is wrong, feels like a mild bout of gastro that is hanging aroung.  Anyway I dont have the energy to blog at the moment sorry.

I was feeling queezy and vauge on the day, I just thought it was becuase I was tired.  Sorry to those who got a little puzzled with me introducing myself 3 times ;)

I can type easily though that I had a lot of FUN!

thank you everyone who made it possibly, and I will try and blog about it later in the week.


Tanya said...

I just saw that your side bit says 'im a happy clappy Christian'- thats funny! Hope you are feeling lots better soon. Was nice to meet you- you remind me so much of one of my uni friends, in a really good way.