Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pile of patterns

I have a heap of patterns here- more than some - less than others.  I am wanting to streamline them a little, but am finding it ever so painful!  Especially the Ottobre.  Each pattern has a good use to it.  They are not useless patterns that I will never make due to the complicated nature.  They are pants- 2 versions, baggy or slim leg.  Skirts, layered, with pockets or without.  Jumpers, raglan, hooded... you get the picture.
I have already culled quite a few that I cannot see myself making, so I am not a hoarder that's for sure.

The way that things are going I think that these patterns might be staying put a little longer unless someone can enlighten me on how to cull them a little.

Oh and on the giveaway front- I haven't forgotten, just a few other things have taken priority in the  monetary department... thinking Ottobre...