Friday, May 14, 2010

Make a pini for an orphanage.

Gypsy of The Craft Gypsy went to her local Spotlight where they were displaying a heap of reversible pinnis. On further discussion with the staff she found out that they were to be sent to

Dago Dala Hera Orphanage in Kenya

For more info please scoot over to Gypsys blog where you can see the details.

I am hoping to sew a pinni or 2 this weekend at Sew It Together. I am really looking forward to this day out, and feeling inspired to making something for such a worthy cause!


My Handmadehappiness said...

this so lovely i wish i could afford to send it over but i'm in the uk....
this is such a good thing to do.... x

Tanya said...

hmm, and how did that pinny production go fellow car park trapee? Hope your shift went okay today. Was nice to meet you in real life yesterday Carolyn.