Monday, June 7, 2010

After some thought I have decided to celebrate my 100+ followers

Although the word followers sounds like a cult- so what should we call it?

people taking interest in what I write...

To each of you, thank you for taking interest in my little blog where I blab and brag and whinge and twaddle.  I have to admit the 100 mark to me was a bit of a milestone! 

Anyway a little pressie to say thank you...

I have decided to give away and Ottobre mag.

When entering you must
a) be a follower/ stalker/ subscriber (as it is celebrating you after all!) and
b) you must want an Ottobre.
c) you must chose and Ottobre that is still available.  All issues from year 2000, 1+2+3 2001, 1/2002 and 3/2008 are sold out. 
d) if you chose a popular version you might get the instructions on a separate piece of paper and the mag may be in Finnish.
e) I must be able to contact you somehow.  If I cant then I will have to redraw the prize.
f) comments must be made on the blog (not FB) please.
g) And you must suggest what you would like to be called, even if I haven't mentioned it.

this giveaway will be announced at 6pm on the 17th of June (my time)

I think that Ottobre posts world wide too.

The reason I chose to give away and Ottobre is that I felt it would not discriminate.  Even if you don't sew they are pretty to look at (although the point is that you do sew from them)

I really like the ones that I have, and its hard to really chose one that I really like.  I know I like the 1/2009 and have made a few things from that issue.  But I have so many other Ottos that I cant seem to part with... so its really up to you (the winner). 

For those who don't win, you can head over to Crafty Mamas to get your own Ottobre. They also have Farbenmix too and some yummy fabrics.  Also over at Crafty Mamas is a forum, so that you can ask questions about your Ottobre projects.

mmm, maybe I should order myself a ladies one at the same time...


Tanya said...

devotee? fellow enthusiast? Nah, I am quite happy to be called a stalker- and you have 100 of them- so be careful! what about 'good stalkers' like the 'good fairy'. How would that go in a sentence- 'one of my good stalkers says..."

Vic said...

Oooh... Otto!

I don't mind being part of your Cult... can I wear lovebeads & flowers in my hair?!

missbossypants said...

"follower" sounds so much like a bunch of lemmings or sheep.... umm, I like "bloggy friend"
Thanks for the chance to win! I've been a "bloggy friend" for a little while, and have meant to complete some projects for your 12 months 12 challenges, but, alas, it never happens. Good intentions!

My Handmadehappiness said...

would love to be part of your giveaway loving the link thanx PS I'm working on my pattern :))) thanx again for the challenge!! xx

Jo's Place said...

hehe I'm a stalker and a happy one at that, I love your blog. Oh and I dream of owning a Ottobre mag so this is the perfect giveaway. Congrats on reaching 100+ followers :)

Clarinda said...

oh wow! So generous!!! I bought my first otto the other week and luff it very much.


Unknown said...

Subscriber sounds really clinical and not very friendly. Follower does sound a little like a cult thing. I wouldn't call myself a stalker either.... I'm happy to be called a "Regular Reader".

I LOVE the Otto magazines that I have, and have recently subscribed. I don't think I would have very much trouble picking one that I don't have.

Congratulations on 100 "Regular Readers"!!!

quilary said...

Congrats on having 100 "addicts" to your blog. I need some Ottobre in my life, so thank you for the great giveaway.

Clare said...

Wow - Congrats on reaching 100!! I think I'd call myself a regular reader or an online friend... follower does sound slightly scary cult like! I've been planning to get a copy of Ottobre for a while now to expand my sewing skills - great idea for a giveaway!

Miss Amy said...

Hmm what do I want to be called.... "super cool people who love you" is nice :D I would love love love a otto :D Ive never had one before!

Amy xo

Kelly said...

Congratulations, what a milestone!

I call mine groupies, and i'm happy to be a groupie. It's non-stalkerish and non-cultish.

PS I would be rather happy with an Ottobre, most definitely.

Kylie said...

What a great idea for giveaway -

DOnt mind being part of a cult (well that is what my hubby calls rav an craft mama's anyway:)

Karen said...

I'm just a plain ol' run of the mill stalker ;)

Love you know

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Being a "Bloggy Friend" sounds fun. Congrats on 100 friends (whatever they end up being called, LOL)!

Susan said...

I'm a self confessed stalker pick me! Susan

Gypsy said...

I'm definitely a stalker, so count me in! I have never read Ottobre, but I'd love to! If I win, can you please choose an issue you think I'd like? Thanks for the lovely giveaway Carolyn!

Jackie said...

Jackie follows you on google friend connect and i think this is a very generous give away , i love to sew from ottobre mags.any issue from 09 would do for me

Naomi said...

Follower and part time 12 in 12 member ... lol. Congrats on 100 - LOVE Otto and would be stoked to win one!

And seriously just choosing one is going to be soooo hard!

Kelly Casanova said...

You could call me a Visitor, but then I'd sound like one of the weird lizard aliens from "V" (remember V?)
Maybe I'll just be a blog friend.

Lovely giveaway, thanks!

P.S. I only just joined, is that cheating, If so, just leave me out of this one ;)

Karen said...

Blog buddy suits me just fine!
So does unstalking subscriber, friendly follower and boglines botherer!
One can never have too many Otto's can one??!!??

PS - I subscribe via bloglines - just thought does that count??