Tuesday, June 8, 2010

8 Questions

A little meme I found on my travels- starting here at Kates blog.  I think my main challenge here is going to be finding photos of thy self, and then also going through the photos without crying- such wonderful memories, and look at my kids- they are growing up so fast!

this is one of the first digital pics I have of me, 39w preg with my first son

about a week later

1.Favourite Meal:  I'm not too sure to be honest.  I love good home cooking more than restaurant. But I do enjoy the feeling of being full with good quality food.  I prefer savory over sweet, but love smooth chocolate!  Really don't like fruit in main meals either.  I think its more about the company when you eat.

2.Do you have a quirky eccentricity?  People generally do find me kind of strange anyway.  My brain works a little differently to others, not sure why.  I can come across quite full on (well I did have 4 kids in 4.5 years- full on is my life!)- and I am VERY aware of this!  This means that sometimes I will say things and people will have no idea of the connection, and yet to me it makes sense.  My brain works quite fast, maybe this is the reason.
me petrified on the Eueka sky deck

3.My middle name: classic 1970's name, 

Ellises 1st Birthday 2007

4.I am passionate about - a few things.  *only fight the fights worth fighting- life is way too short *People being told the truth behind what they are eating any why (food colours additives etc). *people taking charge of their own health - I find it frustrating with the education out today that people conduct some really risky health behaviours and then complain when they become unwell!  *people being educated.  often the popular choice is not the right choice, and if we are educated we can often see why.  Things are not always the way they seem, and we should endeavour to find out why these choices are made. (eg I want to put in an example but it will take an entire post for me to explain what I mean) *reducing landfill with the use of reusable products such as cloth nappies and feminine products. *taking responsibility for your own actions *sex / family planning for teenagers (esp boys!) *family,   *passionate about people understanding how the family has changed over time (not always for the better!) and how it has contributed to the way society is today *and finally (but by no means least) my Faith and God!
told you there were a few :)
with my 1w old bubba Tyler 2005

5.Thongs or Birkenstock? neither, Crocs.

6.Who was I before I had kids?  Someone alot less educated about those things I mentioned above.  I was also an Oncology nurse who was working on getting a career.  Then at 24 I completed my post graduate and I was given the opportunity to either pursue the career further or have kids, so I chose the kid option.
Another thing is that I had good teeth prior to kids!
I was also had my life mapped out, and controlled.  Kids really threw this for a 6!
I also have a degree in Heath Promotion that I have never used (*sigh*) this is why I can be so passionate about some things.  Would love to one day use it, but realistically after 10y... not sure if I ever will.

this is Lily in the middle of having "mummies milk".  She is 2.5yo.

7.Have I ever been arrested?  no.  I was brought up VERY black and white, and very straight!  And this has followed through to my adulthood.  Although now I have my own choice to see the grey areas.
Middle 2005

8.This weekend I will sorry to break the trend as its only Tuesday... But my weekends are rather like groundhog day.  I usually work on the weekends.  I really enjoy spending time with my husband on weekends, and watching him interact with the kids.  I also enjoy heading to Church.  Spend a little more time and effort on cooking the Saturday dinner, maybe head to the shops, visit my parents.
One thing Kate mentioned was that people would love to know how she met the love of her life.
10y wedding anniversary

In my case my husband was a friend of my sisters, he actually did have his eye on my sister for a little while and then gave up the chase not long before I met him. 
Before I had any interest in dating him, I went to visit his church with my sister.  He was walking in about 50mt behind us, and his friend whispered to him "whoever turns around is the one you should date" and coincidentally I turned around.  A few other things also happened like this.  At the time he was 19, I was 18.  We were married 3 years later.


Sally said...

I've really enjoyed getting to know you more. WOWZA - four children in four and half years. Oh my! Full on is an understatement me thinks. You seem to handle it all so well. I really admire you.
I'd really love to read more about your ideas regarding families and how they have changed over time. It is something that I often think about myself.
Thanks so much for sharing so much of yourself. It has been a real pleasure.

Miss Amy said...

love the story of how you met your hubby it is cute :) also loved reading your story :D

Suzanne said...

Great read Carolyn ;) Its often a little in joke in our family that Allan choose the right sister, or the wrong sister, depending on who has PMT - LOL I think he choose the right one ;) Totally agree Carolyn how our views on the world have changed since having kids ourselves. I think our parents did a pretty good job of teaching us to make our own choices when we were old enough to do it ;)

Gypsy said...

Lovely post Carolyn, thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

That is such a great post Carolyn, I loved reading every single answer and all the photos are great. I love the story of how you met your man. I so have to post my story soon. Thanks heaps for playing.

Unknown said...

How great ! I really loved reading this post , thankyou so much . Nice to "meet" you !