Friday, February 11, 2011

crochet and a hair cut

So I tried to crochet- and I think I am addicted!

now if only this would turn into a beanie....

I also had my hair cut, but am too chicken to put the photo up of it, I might get my DH to take one with the good camera, that has a better chance of getting a good photo!

edited, I got one now!:

when i went to pick up my girls from FDC, Lily looked at me puzzled, then pointed out "new earings?", no honey, new haircut.  Ellise looked, kept playing, then looked up again, smiled and said "where is my mummy?"
I am really happy with the do, and i have had non stop compliments since too!

DH bought me the top for my birthday, not bad taste i recon!


Unknown said...

love the colours!

Kate said...

Looking good!
Increase, increase, increase...stop increasing and just go around and around and around...