Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Lilac and Olivia!

Been busy today, well maybe not as busy as I have been some other days. DH has been home for the past few days, which has been bliss! The house is clean and the kids are occupied {compliments of DH!}. We have all been a bit sick over the past few days, so its nice to have the extra pair of hands around.

I have made 2 no sew tutus for 2 friends little girls who's birthdays are in June. One little girl is turning 1 and the other is turning 3.

Mitchell just loved the skirts, asking for a superman dancing skirt LOL!

And here is the action shot:

I'm sure that he wont like these pics when he turns 16!

So Happy Birthday Olivia and Lilac, i hope you enjoy your pressie!

For those who want to know how I made them...

Basically I bought some tulle from Spotlight, and cut it into strips, about 15cm wide. I cut down the fabric so that each length was 112cm long. For the longer tutu I cut the tulle in half again, for the shorter one I cut the tulle into 3. I then cut about 40cm of elastic (just normal thin elastic) and tied a knot in it. Then tied the tulle around the elastic. For the 2 tutus I used 4mt of tulle, they are not even, meaning one took more tulle than the other.

I erally hope they like it, my kids sure do. I now have to go to Spotlight again and buy some more to make each of my kids more!


channy said...

The skirt looks totally adorable on Lily! I love it thank you so much. Love superman too, very cute

Missy said...

awww what cute skirts :) And your little man... what a spunk!
I went to pick my 3 year old son up for care last week and he was standing at a table playing with puzzles wearing a pink tutu :)