Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dyed again

Here are some more of my efforts to tie dye. I am hoping that these will sell on a friends web site. I hope that he photography is better than mine. Yet again its not easy getting a good photo at 11.30 at night!


Ruth said...

These singlets look great, Carolyn. Love the bright colours. Did you save your hands this time lol!??

Carolyn said...

hehe- yes this time I set myself up a little studio on the bathroom floor and set up all the singlets first, so there was little to no need to touch them after i applied the dye. My hands are still colourful, just not as colourful LOL! The towels that i used didnt fare so well tho hehe!

channy said...

They all look great, I love them!

Donna said...

These look great! I think i wore something simialr when i was little- it was my fluro tie dye overall shorts- they were my FAVOURITE!!!

why not try taking a photo of them hanging in a clothes line with bushes or the sky in the background... it will make the shirts stand out a bit, andnot "blend" into the floorboards iykwim. :)