Wednesday, March 16, 2011

crochet beanie

look at me

arnt I fab!

I used this pattern that is really easy.  Next tiem I will use the magic look method to begin as the method that I used made it butte ugly!  I actually didnt follow the pattern, as I kept loosing count.  So I just short of made it up till I had the req amount of stitches.  Also its in `16ply and with 6mm hook, so it came together in about 2 hours (and this is my first project!)

very happy with myself.

Now to do a flower of something so that the princesses will wear it.

eta no i didnt make Ellises top, but I am thinking of copying it, its pained and embroidery,


Unknown said...

Yay, well done on the beanie! I still need to get onto actually crocheting *something* rather than just granny squares.

Kylie said...

Well done. It looks great for your first attempt:)

Unknown said...

thanks Carolyn I have been looking for an easy pattern, this looks almost do-able LOL.