Tuesday, March 8, 2011

how far to go for a birthday party?

in about 4 weeks our darling little firstborn daughter is turning 5!

The time has flown!

Her birthday also coincides with easter and ANZAC day.  So apart from her 1st birthday she hasnt really had a birthday party before.

So this is her/ our opportunity!

So we want to have a good birthday party for her.

But how is that done?

Our other kids birthday parties we have tended just to have a heap of kids over, buy some sausages and let them run around.  I dont really think that cuts it this time.

We are planning on hiring either a mobile farm or a pony ride for the kids.  But what about food?  Do I just do the average cup cakes and fairy bread, or should I buy the fancy ones?  What is fancy?   I think anything beyond just sausages and bread is fancy, but I want something that they are going to remember.

What do you think?


Tas said...

From my personal experience, the kids are not going to eat the fancy schmancy stuff any better than the mass-produced stuff. If it is bright or sweet or gooey or chocolately or covered in icing or depp fried or served with tomato saice, they will eat it. PS What a cutie!

Unknown said...

Totally agree with Tas. I bet the parties you have "thrown together" in the past have been hits without the ritzy cupcakes.

at the end of the day kids still love fairy bread and pass the parcel IMHO.

She is very sweet!

Liz said...

I am very much the fairy bread, cupcakes, mini franks kind of party thrower lol Let the kids run around and play a few games - that is what they want to do (well mine anyway). I don't think kids remember the food, much past the cake anyway.

I still remember the parties my mum did for us - we had friends over, played games and she made us a fun cake and lots of yummy party food (yes, I still remember my 5th birthday - the coolest thing was the lolly bags my aunties made. They were fish shapes from cardboard, with onion bags stapled to the back, and hung on a piece of wooden dowel! And my cake was a hickory dickory dock one that mum made!)

Anonymous said...

Keep it simple!!! Meiya had her 5th birthday at the park with lots of play equipment. Home made food - baba ring choc cake with smarties on itm a mermaid in the hole and blue cello underneath!! Sushi was a huge hit, so were cheese pastry twists, homemade humous (sp?!!)small marble muffins.
Just enjoy the day Carolyn