Monday, June 1, 2009

Sewjorn, the story

Well Friday my sister and I left for Sewjorn in beautiful Lansfield. Its such a georgeous town. We styed within walking distance of the town, and it had everything we needed, food, op shop, quilt shop and book shop.

We met up with other Crafty Mamas who came armed with sewing machines, knitting machines, knitting and hand dyed felt to cut up into crowns.
Top Row-(left of photo) Tracy from here and here, Tas Peta ,Sara
Bottom row (left) me, Tracey, Lisa from Crafty Mamas, and my little sister Suzanne

For some reason the blogger is not being kind to me atm, so will be back tomorrow to try and finish this :)


Unknown said...

Oh Lucky you! I hear sewjourn is a fantastic getaway. Its a little too far for me, so I am very jealous.