Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blueprints toddler back pack, and Mad Quilters aprons

These are both super easy and both super effective.  Along with being free patterns (there is a button in the back pack pattern, for a donation, which I happily used).

(does anyone have any idea why my photos are being loaded sideways?  they are straight on my computer)

Anyway, these are 2 sets that I have made, have another 3 (or so) sets to sew as we have got loads of birthdays this month.  Also my girls want some.

the top one has a back pack, a little bag and an apron.  I did the apron with bias instead of facing it. The blue camo- again the apron I used bias, and then a marble bag, and a back pack with a zip.  I wont be making one with a zip again anytime soon!

Thank you to both Vegbee and Tracy for allowing us to use your patterns.  It has been a great resource for us!


Cass said...

Carolyn great backpacks.

Mel said...

My photos were doing the same thing from one of my cameras, I found I have to open them in any photo editing program (Like Picasa) and then close them again, for some reason the rotation is picked up on the computer but not on blogger... hope that helps :)