Tuesday, December 14, 2010

MIP Afterglow in gifted fabric

On my doorstep a few weeks ago was a parcel.  I bolted inside and ripped it open.  Inside was some georgeous fabric from the lovely supermum Karen.  She saw this and thought of me and my girls.  I tell you what, when someone thinks about you like that, it makes you feel like a million bucks! 

Then a few weeks later I received a parcel from a shop which I frequent- Crafty Mamas!  Inside was the new pattern from Make It Perfect- Afterglow.  Thank you Mrs Crafty Mama!
Saw the pattern, saw the fabric, the 2 were perfect for each other.

This pattern was a little more tricky to do than I first thought, but now I have had a go, the next one will be easy.

The placket at the back, sew the facing on BEFORE you cut it...

The pletes, well I think the next one will be easier

I did cheat and use ready made bias, home made bias and me dont tend to get along.

Then we added a little feature hem at the bottom just coz I could (well my sister did it, I cant take credit for that part)

So I very cute, and easy play dress.  Perfect for any woven cotton fabric that you want to show off! 


Tracy said...

Just lovely. Perfect pattern for that dress!

Tracy said...

Wools meant to say perfect pattern for that fabric

Tas said...

Super sweet Caroline.

Kelly Casanova said...

Really cute little dress Carolyn! Have you perhaps tried a bias tape maker - pretty cheap and makes life a bit easier.