Thursday, June 2, 2011

The 3rd Annual Crafty Mamas Retreat!

And I have no photos!

I am a blogger and i didn't take any photos that I can share with you!

The reason for this is that the sewing that I did was mainly boring stuff!

Cant really take interesting pictures of what I made.

14 pairs of flannel PJ pants that I made from flannel that I picked up at Sl at the end of season sales.  Never again will I make PJ pants (famous last words hey!) but yet again- I think the kids wil never again need any more!

I also made some PJs out of a spandex rib knit from Crafty Mamas- and oh they are so lovely!  The boys wanted to wear them all week!  Really want to make a pair for me.

A nightie for the girls
2 nightie/ PJ sets for the girls

Go To dress

Ottobre top that Lily wont wear!  It has frills at the back, and in her 3yo wisdom she thinks that the frills go at the front, so it wont fit her properly.

So I have done some major stash busting.  My next project is some yarn work (knitting/ crochet) and also to make a top that fits me properly!

onto next Craft retreat- I am already planning for it!


monART said...

I would've wanted to see pics anyway lol ^_^ Good for you on the stash busting I need to keep going that direction as well :)