Thursday, July 21, 2011

too much of nothing.

Been a little while since a blog update.

Mainly as there has been too much of nothing happening here.

The too much part is we went on holidays - yay- photos to come.
The nothing part includes going back to school and working.

do you ever reminisce of the days were school and kinder runs didnt exist? Getting out of bed was often met with a 2yo and 3yo dancing in 3mt of milk in the middle of the kitchen floor, and a baby with a pooey nappy but hey, I didnt have to get them dressed!  I could stay in my PJs all day, sit and breasfeed babies as my boys ran amuck.  And let me tell you they did run amuck!

Today my morning is met with a "mum its 7" by one kid, while another kid has to be dragged out of bed at 8.30 (yes school starts at 9!).  Usually then its the race to see who can get dressed, find their shoes (yes I put them in the shoe box last night) make lunches, find readers (yes I put them in my bad when you asked me to last night)... still havnt found the other school parker!
It was finding something for lunch for the 5yo whos kinder is nut free, but who doesn't eat vegetables but loves nutella or peanut butter sandwiches (she got honey).  And the baby monkey who thinks she deserves chocolate for breakfast (lunch and dinner)

Life is different here now to what is was a few years ago.  We know have a more defined view of what our kids needs are, but also have more of an understanding that our kids needs are more complicated than what the book says.
I dont have to wash or change nappies, but I do have 2 boys 2 girls and 1 toilet!  How many rolls of toilet paper can you go through in 1 week!
Toilet training and night training has been achieved, but so is pulling over on the freeway to pee!
No more breatsfeeding... but I miss it!
No more getting up overnight (did you hear that miss Lily?) But am waking up overnight often with a few extra people in our bed!
Putting their own seat belts on!  Wow that was a milestone! (ever had to do up 4 seat belts every time you get into and out of a car)
Shopping is still a nightmare.  But as far as I know, that is just children in general.

sigh... life is changing.  How I cope I dont know.  But it is fun.  Each day has its challenges, each day has its rewards.  Each child is a shining individual and have so many glittering facets.  I am their mother.


Unknown said...

Oh yeah. It's the seatbelts that do my head in. When do they do that?