Monday, September 19, 2011


Yes I knitted!

And yes I played yardage chicken!

this is what I had left over from 2X 200g of Utiku yarn.

But the results were super cute!

A little knitted vest/ jumper with a hood and a pocket!

The little cutie pie heard me rejoice when I finished this knit (I am not a quick knitter- so it took longer than usual), and jumped out of bed to try and on and model in her PJs

Isnt she just georgeous!

I must admit, my little girl is so beautiful- without mother bias!  




Sally said...

Yes she is gorgeous... as is that great jumper. Love the hood. Love the colour combinations. Great stuff.

Nima said...

lovely hodie...beautiful colour combo

Tanya said...

I just saw you saying hello to me via Karen- so I thought I would pop over and say hello for myself! gorgeous knitting.