Thursday, August 7, 2008

dyeing wool

This is one of the things that I love to do. I use professional wool dyes, so that is resists fading. This wool was for a swap, and we (meaning my sister and I) are very proud of it. We used Knittery wool and also Bendigo wool. The more vibrant colours are the knittery, its also a lot more $$

And this is what it looks like wound up. The last one is only a small ball as my 3yo son got to it with a pair of sissors, and cut up a $20 ball of wool! I was not impressed! I actually didnt realise till I went to wind it as it didnt look like it had been touched. My faviourite is the top one with 5 bright colours. My sisters faviourite is what she called 'goldfish', thats the red, blue orange and white.


Ruth said...

Hi carolyn! Love the wool. How's the failsafe going?

As someone whose blog I often lurk at I have tagged you. Sorry!

Take it easy.