Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kids are so much fun!! No 2!

Well today was a shocker of a day as far as parenting goes. The boys changed clothes 3 times, emptied out their drawers with this, Ellise is running around in a nappy as she does not want to be dressed either (its only 16C here although nice and sunny) and Lily decided that sleep was not an option! All on top of me planning on working tonight! My sister is coming over for dinner soon, and if I have to ask my kids to stay out of the kitchen one more time I will loose it! (in the time that I have taken to write this Tyler- the 3yo has gone into the kitchen and spilt sugar on the floor- he is now sweeping it up!)
But then they do some wonderful things as well, so I thought I would share to my blogging audience what they have done today that has made me truly proud.

They have been really creative, they decided to make a Christmas tree, but instead of decorations they used things that they found in the garage.

And they also used daisy's from around the garden to decorate the tree, and stuck them into the flowers on the "Christmas tree". You can also see in these pictures what else they used to decorate the tree. Cricket bats, balls, an old car seat.

I cannot describe how I'm feeling inside looking at these pictures. They did this all on their own, I didn't suggest for them to do it, they just did it themselves.

They also made this track for their cars too, out of things from the garage. Mitchell called it his car jumps. They also took the photo opportunity to practice poking faces.


Ruth said...

Awww... what clever creative little kids! That tree is a work of art!

Ruth xx

Missy said...

That is so cute!! What loverrrrly kids :)
I know all about the changing a million times a day thing... my little fairy prince does that :P