Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Lily

Today is Lilys 1st birthday. This is the 4th 1st birthday that we have celebrated, as we have 4 children, and it will be our last as we are not planning on expanding our family any further. So it was not only bitter sweet for my baby girl is growing up, but an end of an era for us too as we are now heading towards the next stage of our lives as a family. Looking forward to this.

Lily has been different to the other children in many ways. When you have kids its hard not to compare one child to another, but Lily has been quite different! She sucks her thumb for starters, she is still being breastfed (the others I fed till I was preg again), her hair is shorter (hasn't needed cutting nor can it be put into clips). Similarities are... she is another climber! Out of 4 kids I was hoping that there might be one that didn't climb on everything possible. But no, we obviously breed children that know how to climb onto the chairs, tables and other things that they cannot get down from, before they learn how to walk!

She was born via c-section (after 2 emergency and no VB there is no chance of me ever having a VB) and was found to be an undiagnosed breech (she was breech at 37w, at 38w she was head down- over my leg- and then at 38+ she flipped back up again, but the midwife, just prior to the op thought she was head down!). She didn't breathe straight away, and by the time she was on the table they had the mask on her as she was quite blue- I think she was actually asleep and thats why she didn't breath. After they woke her up, the anaesthetist was saying to me "she isn't little" and I was thinking "what do you know... your an anaesthetist not a midwife". Well after a cuddle she was out and being weighed my husband asked them to weigh her again! She came in at a whoping 3.8kg, which after having 3.2, 3.3 and 3.5kg babies, was a lot bigger! And she was still managing to flip from side to side in my belly!

After she was born she didn't look back, she slept alright, sleeping 8h overnight from about 8wo, and gaining weight like a good breast fed bub!

Milestones included rolling at about 7mo (which is a change from 3mo as Mitchell did), commando crawling at about 8mo, cutting her first teeth at 9mo, cross cutting her top teeth. Now she is standing unaided and wanting to take her first steps!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my little Lily May. Your perfect in so many ways, and we are so blessed to have you in our lives!


Romi Jade said...

Aww... happy 1st birthday Lily :)

She is the most beautiful little girl!
And I really love the dress you made for her <3 it's gorgeous.

~Shibley~ said...

Happy 1st Birthday Lily!

Love her sticky up hair Carolyn :-)

And the dress you made her is gorgeous!!

I can see myself feeling those same bittersweet feelings come November when Ava turns 1. I do know the feeling of looking forward to the family growing up Vs still "growing" though!