Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some sewing "lier lier pants on fire!"

I really need to get blogging more, I find myself getting quite jealous of those who get to blog their every creation! But lately I have been spending more time creating than blogging, so here is my effort to blog.
I am actually quite happy with my efforts. They are not actually as tight as they look in the photos. I was going for a pair of baggy shorts, but as my kids are quite little (Mitch is a size 2 in shorts and 3 in pants and he is 5yo), baggy ended up looking just too big. So I actually had to bring in the pattern by 2cm, and then let it flair out after the bottom back the the original size. The front pockets are a but of a stuff up, but next time I make them I will be sure to fix that up. DH would like me to put a zip in but I think they look find without the zip just with the elastic waist.

Now I need to get sewing on Mitchells chair bag that will be in the same flames fabric and black. Not sure if I should do the whole front pocket in the flames or just applique his name WDYT?


Kelly Fraser said...

Love the shorts, they look fantastic with the feature pocket :)

Karen said...

Great shorts - I'd probably do the name as kids seem to love that - though my kids have shorter names so it's easy for me to say that!!