Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Tyler

rom birth to 5yo, this young son of mine has been such a delight. 

He sure does keep me on my toes, but I figure that this is a sign that he is fit and healthy.


He is a climber, he asks why at every turn (why is that car blue? why is he driving a truck? but why!?)  he loves to help is brother and sisters, he loves cuddles, and he loves cricket.


He is a typical boy, loves his vegitables, and has a very cheeky look about him, that suits is actual personality.

Happy 5th Birthday Tyler, its been an absolute honor to be your mum!

[and yes I did have him on boxing day, the little one decided to come 2 weeks early. 

I was woken at 7am needing to go to the loo, got up to find I really didnt need to go.

 Came back to bed and my bed got wet!  Told my husband who just grunted!  Told him again and he jumped into action! I didnt go into labour right away but was by 3pm. 

Went into hospital and requested an epidural as my prior labour I had blamed not progressing due to stress so I wanted to try the epidural.  My husband sat watching the cricket and my mother knitted.

 After a while I was checked and a few more efforts were made to try and increase my labour.  After a little while the babies heart rate began to drop, and while the Dr watched the cricket and discussed Chirstmas lunch he had cooked he also got me to sign the papers for a c-section LOL!!!

So little Tyler was born into the world! And he took to the breast like a duck to water!  They wanted to make the video out of it he did such a good job. 

I was a little woozey.  my haemoglobin was very low and had also a rough labour, despite not feeling any of it due to the epidural.

But here he was, such a healthy little boy, so ready to meet the world and has not stopped since! (and our older Mitchell was just 15mo)]


Gill - That British Woman said...

those photos are so cute, a Happy Birthday to you Tyler.......

Gill in Canada

Anonymous said...

I hope you both had a lovely day together - what a beautiful little storyline of photos! He looks like such a happy little fella with an amazing smile even as a bub.

Gypsy said...

HAppy Birthday Tyler! And congrats Carolyn xx

becanne said...

Lovely photos! And how cute he is now.
Happy birthday Tyler!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing! I love birth stories. What a cutie pie he is!

I had my first two babies 16 months apart. They are now best mates. Love it!

Cheers - love the blog!