Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It brought tears to my eyes!

Look what my oldest son made for me!  He is just over 6yo. 

The other day, during the holidays I was asleep in bed and he brought me in a drink to say good morning to me.

I was so impressed that I didn't drink it!  I left it there looking at it all day.

The straw with the paper is meant to be an umbrella (btw I am not sure he has ever seen a cocktail) and then there is a strawberry on the side for decoration and a straw as well.

This is reminicent of what happened a few years ago.  I had done kinder duty and came home feeling quite unwell.  I rang my husband who was about 1hour away.  I basically collapsed on the bed and sort of fell asleep (which is unlike me).  About 5min later the 2 boys came in with cornflakes with milk and milo on top, for me, to help me feel better. (I have never put milo on cornflakes, so they thought this up themselves).  I think at the time they were 3 and 4yo.

Or when we were in Spotlight, and I said "there is a lot of ladies here isn't there" and he replied "yes but I chose you mum!"

Moments like these still bring tears to my eyes!

Love to hear what happy moments bring tears to your eyes.


Unknown said...

What a sweet little boy! Isn't it amazing what they pick up?

Miss Amy said...

aww how divine, I would have had tears as well very sweet of them :D

Cindy said...

Aren't they the sweetest when they want to be! Caleb told me yesterday after his first day of school - which I was already prooud about - "thanks mum for taking good care of me"