Sunday, February 28, 2010

So its the last day in February! Sign up for your finished knit projects begin NOW!

Just a reminder, to sign up for the showing off your project is below. If you don't have a blog please feel free to add it to the Flickr group, just add the Flickr link in with your preferred name to the widget. You can add a little blerb in Flickr.
If you have done both, please add either link, but remember to add the link to your blog in the Flickr photo description.
And enjoy browsing!

So what have we learnt? what would we change?

I am NO expert at knit!

I myself made a measly pair of knickers for one of my girls.  I was going to make an Olivia but unfortunatly I had an unsceduled week long stop in my bed coughing- not to mention also the 2 weeks prior my maching was being repaired.

I changed the way that I attached the leg elsastic.  I sewed the front and the back together leaving the sides open, and attached the leg elastic on the flat.  It was far easier to attach, but my finishing was not as neat as if I had done it in the round.  So either this is going to take practice or just do it in the round.  I did the waist the same and had the same problem.  Alot of it was eleviated by top-stitching, but not 100%.  Again I partially blame skill!  The top stitching also kept getting caught so was very uneven.  (and yes need to cut a few threads!)

But hey, they are a great pair of knickers for my girl, and they are not about to fall aparet etc... made out of quality fabrics.  So regardless of how dodgy the binding is or the top stitching, they still work!

so its your turn now to reveal...


San @ Made in Hem said...

Just saw it gave the wrong link to my blog. Please try to see what I've been up to this month!

Warm hugs,

Sandra :) said...

My reveal is that I didn't do a knit project - I was going to, but I never did find the right project and the right fabric! Hopefully I do better at the March project, lol!

Mandy said...

Oh boy where has the month gone. I haven't got to mine yet. Will see what i can do tomorrow 1 day late. :)

Tas said...

I didn't learn a lot with my couple of knit projects but with knits at the moment, I jsut need to keep practising so that I can get it right more often.

Amber (Bouncing Buttons) said...

I am late (again). Thank you for hosting the fun challenges! I am having a lot of fun with them. I will try to find time to post on my blog before the end of the month next time.

Amber (Bouncing Buttons) said...

OOPS! I wanted to say I LOVE the undies you made! I think they turned out very cute! I have a child who is potty training so I need to make some up this week. I doubt they will turn out that nice.

Ezri47 said...

oh dear, I did try but I ended up sewing some bags for a fundraiser and ran out of time! I did make a couple of pj shorts in knit just before February but that doesn't really count hehe.

Better luck with March though :) I've been looking at those steiner dolls elsewhere, very cute :D Must see if there is a free pattern anywhere

Anonymous said...

Hehe, I'm not the only March entrant for Feb. Sorry about that! Your undies look fabbo.
I hope things look up soon in the finance department so you can spend more time sewing.

Mary said...

I missed the widget link by 2 days. Oh well, serves me right for being so slack, here is my finished feb challenge